Massage salon in Kiev

Massage salon in Kiev – my vacation, paradise and Olympus

A real man is God, and if not, then he urgently needs help with deification. We can do without pathos, reason sensibly and frankly. To live in Kiev and not think that you can do everything – not to live at all. The modern man is not just broad shoulders, thick eyebrows and a set of spontaneous emotions. This portrait is lost forever, and for the better. Today, a real man consists of mind, flesh and ambition. And all this needs to be constantly monitored and stimulated. But where to take on all the time? Home, work, gym – that was the end of the day, followed by a week. By the method of exclusion, we find a solution: we visit institutions where we provide all the necessary services, and we observe the result. A good result for Kiev was “drawn” in the second week, in the salon of erotic massage. After the massage, I came out cheerful, full of desires, and under a fantastic set of impressions.

In a word – great! The following week, repeated the experience: came to the salon, chose a massage program; under the promising name “body.” From the experience of overseas holidays, I knew that body massage Kiev is a complex of different techniques when a massage therapist works with the entire body of a client. But here in the Kiev salon of erotic massage, all this was done to me by an incredibly cute and beautiful young brunette, who smelled incredibly pleasantly of vanilla. This maddening scent has settled in my head forever, I guess. I, frankly, was at first somewhat confused. But such a beauty can not be trusted, so quickly relaxed.

Relaxed, of course, a bit of the wrong word: when the green-eyed goddess, in whom any bend of her body is capable of driving her crazy, is exposed, and then gives you a body massage, each nerve pulses with a volcano, and the blood just boils. Very pleasant sensations. And in the salon, with all this, the mirrors properly placed are still provided, and the beauty of the masseuse’s body can be seen from different viewing angles.

I felt just God, honest word! And her hands are simply magical: well-groomed, soft, but so strong – when it was necessary to specifically press my skin, I groaned, and not she. Why won’t I name the masseuse? Honestly, I really want out of gratitude. But not all of them use real names – as unnecessary. Here the name should be part of the image. “People come to the massage parlor for beauty, health and sensations, therefore the masseuse’s“ passport details ”should not be remembered – she’s not a deputy,” they told me at the reception, and we laughed heartily.

I also realized that a well-managed Kiev erotic massage salon is absolutely free to be able to replace any institution of modern leisure. I am not a fan of something to watch and eat at the same time, like in the Moulin Rouge cabaret, I like everything individually: first the food, then the show, then all sorts of impressions, emotions and so on.

What is in the massage salons: absolutely any massage – healing with oils and herbs, relaxing, body, therapeutic and prophylactic, erotic massage, tantric. You can also ask for drinks, something refreshing or tonic. Well, in terms of the show, everything here is very well organized: from a light pole dance to no intimate contact during a massage.

Strip clubs with massage parlors in Kiev do not compare. There is noise in the clubs, this mad “creative” with lighting and design – sometimes annoying me. You come to the massage salon and go to heaven. It seems that everything is done around for you alone. If you want music, TV, internet, bathroom, aromatherapy, care, tenderness and beauty – yes, please! Well, what else can you dream?

I am not Makarevich, I do not know how to cook, but I know one recipe for us, real men.
To be always in a great mood, you need to go to the massage parlor once a week. To whom is erotic, and to whom just a healthy massage – the choice is yours. But this is really the right rest, after which you feel like a man and God. And today in Kiev, to be a real man, it is just necessary to be God!